Hair Fall Causes, Treatment & Best Hair Oil 2020

Every day we lose a number of hairs. On an average, we lose 100 hairs everyday from our scalp. Lost hair is replaced with newly grown hair but sometimes it doesn’t happen. It leads to regular hair fall and a problem of thinning of hairs or baldness. The problem of hair fall is not that much normal as we take it.

Thinning of hair and balding are the common problems faced by both men and women. From early ages, we see this problem affecting people. About 70% of men face this problem and in the case of women, this figure is about 30%. Hair loss can be seen as occurring abruptly or it can gradually develop as one age. It can be temporary or permanent.

Persistent hair loss can be a sign of a serious health issue. The causes of hair fall differ as gender changes. But it affects both the genders in the same way. Women generally take it too seriously and start feeling embarrassed and try to regain hairs using different methods which again just contribute to the hair fall. To be able to find the correct solution to the problem a person first has to find out the reason for the falling hairs. Some reasons are common in both men and women. Here are the reasons.

Causes of Hair Fall in Men

Hair loss in men is quite common. About a quarter of men starts going bald as they enter their thirty and about two-thirds are either bald or they start going bald by sixty. There can be many reasons as genetics, stress, nutritional deficiency and it can be due to the side effects of drugs or many other reasons.

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Causes of Hair loss in Women

Almost forty percent of those affected by hair loss and baldness are women. Hair loss affects women much more than men as they start feeling embarrassed and gets low in self-esteem. There are multiple causes which affect women.

[wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]Hair fall is a serious problem. It needs to be combated soon. For both men and women, it leads to low self-esteem and embarrassment which affects their social life too. It is devastating for both men and women. The key to the early solution to this problem is in taking the treatment as soon as possible.[/wpsm_highlight]

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Treatment of Hair Loss

While all the factors which lead to hair loss cannot be treated some are under our control. Genuinely genetics cannot be controlled if hair loss runs in the family but nutrition and untreated medical conditions can be taken care of.

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Effective Hair Oils to Prevent Hair Loss

Kesh king

It is an ayurvedic formula which is made without any side effects. It is a unique mix of ayurvedic formula prepared in sesame oil using21 selected herbs. Its holistic approach and natural methods have been tested and proved for maximum results.

Dabur Amla hair oil

Amla is known to be a power fruit for your hair. Dabur Amla hair oils penetrate well into your scalp, nourishes your scalp & hair with the power of..

Himalaya anti-hair fall hair

It is the product of the Himalaya drug company and is an ayurvedic formula. It contains natural ingredients such as extracts of thistle, Indian gooseberry, fenugreek, neem, and bael. It is also enriched with the goodness of bhringaraja and Amalaki.

Almond drops

Bajaj Almond drops non-sticky hair oil is a leading hair oil in the light hair oil segment. This premium hair oil is enriched with Sweet Almond oil. Almond oil is one of the Richest sources of vitamin e.

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Myths on hair fall

Awareness of these causes only can help reduce the problem to a certain level. Instead of this using proper hair products and taking care of the hairs along with the ignorance of all the myths related to hairs will definitely help in reducing hair loss.

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