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If you have landed at this site, so it is clear for us that you are one of those who are fond of watching series and movies in their leisure time. In today’s time, 70% of the population spend their weekend watching movies.

You travel for your work daily, so obviously you would like to enjoy your time at home watching movies with family. For that, you need to download them. Some people might not be aware of how to download the movies from internet, which is a great source of data now days.

So, in my further article, I will explain how to download movies as well provide information about 9x movies from where you can download them. There are some other websites also available on internet such as Tamil rockers, movierulz, extramovies etc from where you can download pirated movies and series.

If we talk about 9x movies. It is a website from where you can download pirated versions of movies and series and that too in any language Telugu, Malayalam, English, Tamil, Hindi. You can download normal mp4 format as well as movies in HD, Full HD. You can download any one of them as per your internet interconnection and its speed.

Downloading of Movies from 9x movies

If you are here, so it obvious that you want to download free movies and series. Earlier these movies were available easily on Google, but film industry incurred heavy loss. Because of their petitions, Supreme Court banned such sites from operating. Still, you can find such movies form Telegram messenger as these are being uploaded there.

You are going to get information about how to download free movies but if you take my advice, you shouls stay away from piracy.

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Free download without registration

There are some sites where you do not need any registration for downloading, on the other hand there are some sites which take up most of your time in registration which makes the process lengthy.

9xmovies is such a website from where downloading movies is very easy. You do not need any registration. You just have to type the movie name and then you will get all the details related to that particular movie like its quality, its size, its crew and cast details. Even some screen shots related to the quality of display can also be seen.

There is option available for watching the movie online also. Therefore, it depends on you whether you want to watch it online or download.

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Download Free Hindi Series and Movies

From this website, you can download Hindi movies and series. Movies available in other languages are also available in Hindi dubbed version. Even you can download Holly wood movies dubbed in Hindi.

You can also watch Famous TV shows online or download it as per your need and comfort.

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Latest Leaked Movies in 9x Movies

Avengers endgame was the latest movie leaked online by 9xmovies. Within hours of its release, it was available online at this site. This has not happened the first time. Earlier also some of the famous and latest movies were leaked by this site.

Government has taken many measures to stop the spread of piracy. It has banned many websites spreading piracy. Still the Team operating such websites find out one or the other way to keep their sites running. They keep the name of site same and change the extension. This is the easiest way of keeping a banned site running.

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Subsidiary Sites of 9x movies

Below is the List of Websites being run by the Team, which are different from the original one.


The contents available on these sites is almost similar since the team behind all this is same.

You may follow the right way of downloading which is good for all as our website does not recommend you to download such content illegally.

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Other Free downloading websites

9xmovies is the most popular downloading website. In addition to 9xmovies, there are some other websites available such as Tamil rockers, extramovies, movierulz, dvdmovies from where you can download your favourite free movies.

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How to download from 9xmovies

For downloading from Google, you just have to type the movie name and press enter. You will get a list of websites from where you can download movies. You have to select any one website. You can download the pirated movie directly without any registration.

You will see that government keeps on banning such websites but the team operating such websites is very smart. They keep on changing the URL but the name is similar to the original one.

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Is downloading from such websites safe?

I would like to make you aware about the issue that you can face while downloading movie form such websites. There are certain ads attached to the link. When you start downloading, these adds are also being downloaded. Every time you run the system, these ads are also being run. It degrades the performance of your system. These hackers then asks for a hefty amount for saving your system. So, it is better that you take certain precautions while downloading such content.

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Precautions to be taken while downloading

Certain measures can be taken for safeguarding your system from unintentional hacking

  • Install antivirus
  • Don't open all the links
  • Avoid clicking on unusual ads
  • Scan each downloaded file before running it
Disclaimer: Piracy is illegal and our website is against pirated content. This information is provided only for knowledge purpose and we do not want to promote piracy by any means.

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