Sticky: Not your average Product Review Site

by admin on December 11, 2011

Welcome to Reviews In, the place to go when you need a great product review.

Why start a review site?

For years I have been frustrated by the lack of useful reviews on the internet when I am looking to buy something.  When I search for a product on the internet I generally find fluff reviews that provide some information but are usually just there as a sales pitch.  Consumer reviews are useful but they are limited and it is hard to find the information you want to read without reading a lot of information that you don’t.  I wanted a site where I could go and read all of the important stuff in one place to be able to make an informed decision before giving up my credit card number and clicking submit.  I am sure that others (maybe even you) have felt the same way so I put this website together to make that process easier.

What you can expect from us

ReviewsWe provide in-depth reviews on products that YOU are interested in.  We will show you where to find the best deal and what you can expect from the purchase that you’re considering.  We’ll research the product and give you the low down on it, good and bad.  Each review includes a full explanation showing how the product works and what the greatest benefits to you would be.  We’ll also gather and display customer testimonials from around the web for you to review and see what others think about their purchase.  You will see if the product does what all of the advertising claimed it would do.  If it is worth spending the money and getting one for yourself, we’ll let you know.  If it isn’t, we’ll tell you that too.  What you get is a compilation of the important stuff… you just get to use it without having to do all of the research yourself before you make you’re decision.

Click on the navigation menu at the top of the page and let’s get started.