Nono Reviews – A look at some customer reviews for the no!no! 8800

by admin on December 22, 2011

Nono reviews and customer suggestions
Common misconceptions
The best way to get a no!no! 8800

Nono Reviews

Welcome to my review on the no!no! 8800.  In this article you will find detailed information on what has made this revolutionary hair removal device such a popular one.  Apparently people either love it or hate it based on their individual experiences.  Reading through the various nono reviews online show that everyone seems to have an opinion and most are very willing to share it.

We are going to take at a few of those reviews and find what works well on the no!no! 8800 and what doesn’t.  What do they think could be improved to make the no!no! 8800 work better?  How can you get the most out of a no!no! 8800 yourself?  Lastly, I will give a littleinformation on the best place to buy one when you are ready to use it yourself.

Nono reviews and customer suggestions

While researching customer feedback I came across many nono reviews from people using the original no!no! and the new no!no! 8800 that highlights the results they are seeing.  I want to share a few of those here.

“My strategy; I was going to start with full legs then move on to arms and all going well buy the face attachment.
I’ve now been using the nono for two months on my legs and the softer hairs are just starting to stop appearing. About a month ago though I was thinking the stupid thing didn’t work and tested it on my wrist – a month later and they still haven’t grown back!

Things you need to know
– you need to use this product regularly, FOR MONTHS for it to work
– allow an hour to get the hang of it, angle and speed are everything
– it doesn’t hurt, at all. seriously, it sometimes feels a little warm that’s it
– burnt hair smells, open a window before you start   J. Reynolds – Amazon

Most of the nono reviews that I read during my research spoke of the amount of time it seems to take for the no!no! 8800 to work.  They explain that you need to practice patience to achieve the results you want.  Many reviews also refer to the importance of taking time to make sure you have the hang of using the no!no! before you move onto more sensitive or curvy areas of your body, especially your face.  Apparently, having the right angle, speed and pressure will make a big difference in the overall experience.

Reviewers also mentioned that many areas will require multiple passes to remove the hair and this can cause skin irritation.  The general concensus in many nono reviews is to go over the area a few times and then move onto another area for a while before coming back and finishing up.  It sounds like the basic act of giving your skin a bit of a rest and then using a good moisturizer after you are done will help a lot.

“I have some super thick hairs, and it’s taken a lot of time (I used it literally every day for 2 months and then got lazy and used it every few weeks) and I’ve still got some of the thicker hairs, but they do appear thinner and lighter. Some are even turning blonde… not sure how that worked out, but I’m not arguing!”  M. Smith – Amazon

This seems to be a common result for many in these nono reviews as well, as the hair grows back, it apparently comes in finer, softer, and even lighter in color.  Several mentioned that this makes a big difference in the amount of time you can enjoy without having to shave that area.

Common misconceptions

Here is one of the nono reviews I found from a customer that wasn’t happy with the no!no! and returned it after 6 weeks.  I wanted to include this because there are a few misunderstandings on how it should work, this should help to clear those up.

“The intensity level does not work, if you put it on the one bar, it changes immediately to three bars when you start using. I changed the heads to see if that would help but it didn’t. After six weeks, all my hair grew back everywhere. It did not work at all. Oh yeah sure it burned some hair but it was the buffer that removed hairs and made my legs smooth. At the six week period the machine started to stutter very badly and so I returned it.”  Heeven – Boston, MA

The no!no! 8800 in pink

The new display on the front of the no!no! 8800 shows the battery level and the intensity level when not in use.  Once you start gliding the no!no! across your skin it changes to show the status of the Thermicon™ tip.  Many seem to be confused thinking that the intensity level is changing as they start to use it.  I found this misconception in multiple product reviews with many thinking that their no!no! was defective.

This user mentioned that they used the product for a period of six weeks and decided that it didn’t work.  According to what others have written, this person most likely didn’t use the nono for a long enough period of time to see results.  It takes longer for some to achieve the results they want.  The buffing pad will help with temporary hair removal but what you are really trying to accomplish is reaching each hair in the Anagen stage of hair growth.  The crystallization process can only take place while the hair is in that growth stage.  You can read more about how and why this works here.

The stuttering appears to happen when the stroke is too slow, adjusting the stroke should correct this issue in most cases.

The best way to get a no!no! 8800

WARNING!  There are several places to purchase a no!no! 8800 online but only the official site offers a 100% risk free 60 day money back guarantee.  They will actually refund the shipping cost and pay for you to ship it back if you find that you aren’t happy with your purchase after trying it for 45 days.   Buying one anywhere else will not offer the same guarantee and protection.  You will also get a $100 Discount Shopping card when you buy it from the link below.

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