History of the nono 8800

by admin on December 17, 2011

It’s always a good idea to learn a little about the manufacturer when you are deciding on a product purchase.  Keep reading and I am going to cover some basic details on the background of Radiancy, the company that manufactures the no!no! line of hair removal products.

History of the nono 8800

The vision to make hair removal available to all

Radiancy opened their doors for business in 1998 with the overall vision of making “light based” skin care available for everybody to use.  Over the next few years, Radiancy developed and produced several phototherapy systems used in the treatment of everything from acne and psoriasis to hair removal and aging skin.  By 2002 they had captured 37% of market share and essentially became a leader in their field.  Other products followed which allowed their affordable solutions to be used in spas and other skin care facilities on a much larger scale.  The natural “next step” was to offer their products for in-home use.

The Original no!no!

The original no!no!

With the release of the no!no! line of products, the ability to get professional level results in the comfort and privacy of your own home finally became possible.  The original no!no! was a corded version that offered the ability to manage hair removal on larger parts of the body, though it was definitely not recommended for use on the face.  Because the no!no! uses heat instead of light to treat the hair it is effective on all skin types and all hair color, including blonde and gray.

Improving an already useful product

The no!no! 8800 in pink

When the no!no! 8800 was introduced to the market, some big improvements over the first model were offered.  It is cordless (always a good thing, yay!) and can now be used on those annoying hairs that grow on the sides of your face, your upper lip, and your chin (from the comments I read most people gave this a double yay!!).  It was also given a digital display on the front to allow the user to see battery life and the Thermicon™ tip life.  You can read more about the no!no! in my full review by clicking here…Does nono work?